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2009-01-13 16:32:03 by Elvar

I have been trying to make some flashes but I just simply can´t draw anything by using a mouse D:! I have search everywhere and now I´m thinking that there is no tablets in my country anymore(I live in Iceland.) 0.o
Any ideas?


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2009-01-13 16:51:30

An alternative would probably be ordering it from the US. Or simply waiting until any of your friends travels somewhere and give them money to buy you a tablet. Besides, are you completely sure that there are NO tablets on Iceland? I mean, there's got to be a computer shop somewhere in Reykyavik that has some tablets.

Elvar responds:

well most of them has been closed because no one was buying from them;S yeah I think I´ll check the others again or just order it like you said^^ Thanks for the tip;)